Busy Bees Aderisce al progetto AIRC le arance della salute®

Please note that on the 24th and 25th of January we will host the AIRC initiative "Le Arance della Salute®" at school. During these days from 4.00 till 5.00pm you will find a desk at school dedicated to the sale of oranges, jam and honey provided by AIRC: Packages of 2,5Kg of oranges: € 9.00 Honey: € 7.00 Jams: € 6.00 The students of the Kindergarten classes will be responsible for the distribution, sale and illustration of the AIRC information material, dividing into groups depending on day and time. Depending on the time we will determine where to place our desks. As many of you know, I am very sensitive to this topic and as soon as I knew of the possibility of hosting this event, I did not hesitate to request information on behalf of the school. The project also extends to our various curricula as AIRC has educational programs for children of kindergartens with proposals for activities on the theme of healthy eating and lifestyles. This special event falls in line with our English curriculum, where a "health" week will be recognised during February (under occupations) and also our educational project "TheGarden I Would Like to Have" which provides for the study of these topics in the "sustainable supply" section.

We look forward to see you all!