Our food

At our schools all our food is healthy and nutritious.


We give our children a balanced diet with at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, with meals made up of locally and seasonally sourced food whenever possible. 

Menus are designed by our nutritionist and cooked by our chef in the school.

Learning about food

We want to teach children more about healthy lifestyles and encourage the adoption of healthy eating.

Understanding the importance of nutrition is easier if  children have been active participants in food preparation from a young age and if allowed to take opportunities to ask questions about what constitutes a healthy balanced diet. That's why we began our weekly cooking lessons at each of our classes!

Children will of course wash hands carefully before eating as they learn the importance of hygiene.

Lunches in colder weather are usually soups which are fantastically warming and offer an easy way to get lots of vegetables into the children without them realising they are eating something very healthy!

Bread is provided with the soup and when possible this will be cooked over by our chef!

If you have any concerns with your child’s eating habits, please let us know, although you’d be surprised how well a child who is fussy at home will eat with us!

Water is available at all times throughout the day. In colder weather we will also have warm drinks available, including homemade spiced teas, fruit juice and o fresh orange juice. In summer, we will also have healthy and homemade ice lollies.

The moment of the meal is a special time, dedicated to the pleasure of being together, a time of comfort, waiting, sharing of actions and sensations, where the hurry does not find a place.

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