While in the bilingual class the first stages of reading and writing with the tactile alphabet and letter tracing in Montessori style are in Italian. In the class that follows the course exclusively in English, reading and writing is also done in English .

One way to start reading children is to read them stories from an illustrated book. In fact, if you show them the images while reading, the children will begin to associate the sounds and meanings with the written words.

When you begin to tackle literacy skills, one must surely consider the important obstacle to the pronunciation problem: in fact, while in Italian almost always the words are read as they are written, in English often the pronunciation is completely different from what you would expect.

In addition, the teacher should correct the child's pronunciation only if it makes the meaning of the word unintelligible, otherwise it is best not to intervene to avoid any source of stress.

An activity used by our teachers to exercise children with the letters of the alphabet is to spell the words: for example, the teacher names mysterious objects through spelling, and the children, having transcribed the letters, They will have to guess which objects it is. For example: In my bag there is a P-E-N etc.

The best way to teach words correctly is to provide children with many examples, which can be done only by native speakers.