Busy Bees Library

Literary space at the Busy Bees International Preschool Ristori Campus

BB Library Logo.jpg

To promote the culture of literature!

This school library project stems from the idea that a book is a universal tool of education and of

growth, exploration and discovery.


Our space dedicated to books and literacy allows our students to take advantage of countless texts

in English and experience moments dedicated to reading as an integral part of school routines. In

this way, children will be able to develop autonomy, a personal taste for stories and a refined ability

to choose by acquiring new skills. A child-friendly library in the school stimulates listening and

broadens cultural, educational and didactic opportunities.


Alongside these objectives there is also a possibility for families to dedicate a few moments after

school with their children, promoting and encouraging reading together.

“The simple realization of a space dedicated to reading, the definition of its functioning based on a few simple and intelligent rules, communicates to the students a very important message: that in that particular class, in that school, in that community, reading is considered a fundamental and valuable activity” (Il lettore infinito, Aidan Chambers)


Every Friday a kindergartener will manage the borrowing service,

the child on duty adhering to a previously arranged schedule.

She or he will help set-up the books available, stamp the Busy Bees Library cards

and take note of the book reservations.