In teaching a language to children, it's important to show them that the new idiom to learn is not just an abstract concept but is associated with a culture, habits, customs, celebrations, etc.

The English language, in particular, since it is not only spoken in England, is connected to different cultures such as American, Canadian, Australian, etc: teaching the English, therefore, the different cultural aspects of the various languages ​​must take into account the civilization in which English is native.

The best way to introduce insights into the culture of mother-tongue English civilization to children is surely through songs, (so-called action songs, songs that are learned through performing movements), tales or poems. In this way, children will be able to imagine these different worlds and learn how to enjoy themselves.

Who better than our teachers can introduce the children to the English tradition of drinking tea, the American thanksgiving, the legends linked to Ayers Rock, the Australian holy mountain?