@ Busy Bees International Preschool

Ristori Campus

Starting from March 2019 we have implemented the Horticultural lab for all our children.


The garden project of our preschool school stems from the desire to offer our children an additional interdisciplinary

activity as an opportunity for growth and learning life-skills.


We strongly believe that a vegetable garden entrusted to children is didactic, fundamental and precious as it teaches to protect the

earth instead of destroy it, to recognize the value of vegetables and fruit which shouldn't be taken for granted and to cultivate a sense of

community and togetherness through working the land.

The goals of the project:

1. - Offer the children an opportunity to explore and discover the environment using the five senses, develop scientific reasoning and curiosity and understand unwritten behaviors concerning a healthy lifestyle.

2 - Recognize the importance of intergenerational relationships that link children to adults through the passing on of scientific and practical knowledge. Students will be able to perceive how significant it is to maintain proper use and value of land.

To expend our scientific knowledge, we are partnering with Luiss university.

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The 2nd and 3rd years will have the opportunity to carry out wonderful workshops on their campus.

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