The Artistic Advancement Project at the Busy Bees International Preschool

By the Artist Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa 
Responsible for artistic and creative development of Busy Bees International Preschools and owner of La Scatola Abitata ©


La Scatola Abitata © is an artistic-pedagogical project where the Spanish artist shares her experiences and creative ideas with children.


At the Busy Bees International Preschool Ristori Campus we believe that involving the children in a creative and exclusive lab experimenting with different techniques such as painting, printing, drawing, collage with different materials and media is a way to encourage them to express themselves and take risks in creating art. They develop a sense of innovation that will be important in their adult lives. A forward-thinking and progressive society needs these kinds of inventive and “out-of-the-box” learners. Not people who simply follow directions. Our way of teaching art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of creative thinking and critical thinking!

Thanks to the project, the children will have the opportunity to deepen knowledge of art and understand the artistic heritage of our city.

La Scatola Abitata © has three different projects:
La scatola dell'arte a path of knowledge through artists with similar languages ​​to children: Picasso, Mirò, Paul Klee, Matisse, Van Gogh, Kandinsky;
La scatola di Roma a journey through the history of the art of our city: ancient, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Rome;
La scatola dell'emozioni a journey of knowledge of emotions in relation to colors incorporating different modern and contemporary artwork.

Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa has studied in depth in the realm of Fine Arts, possessing a doctorate in engraving and the Cap (Pedagogical Course) at the Political University of Valencia. Erasmus scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Leonardo da Vinci scholarship at the art printing press "The etching of Luigi Ferranti", Rome. 

Since 2009 she has been implementing the project La Scatola Abitata ©  based on a study of memory and emotions. The Boxes are great emotional containers with a specific aesthetic and the project combines the performance of Alicia Herrero and the collage and engraving work of Maria Angeles Vila.
The project was funded by the Lazio Region, the Cultural Center of Contemporary Culture of Elche, the Spanish Embassy in Italy and the Teatres de la Generalitat of Valencia. It received the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Province of Rome, the Embassy of Spain in Italy and the Institute of Cervantes in Rome.
 Since 2004 she has performed numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Spain and Italy in private and public spaces. Since 2015 she has been responsible of the pedagogical project for the BNL International Tennis Tournament placed in Italy.

“It's fun to do art but it's even more fun to do with children” (Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa)